Saturday, May 26, 2012

Mastering Gamification: Fun is the Future (VIDEO)

Mastering Gamification
From GABE ZICHERMANN. Follow Gabe on Twitter  @gzicherm
Would it surprise you to know that

Where in the world is Carmen SanDiego is the LAST successful educational game in history?

Would it surprise you to know 1200 startups and $4B has been spent on EDU-tainment and NOT a single hit like "Carmen SanDiego"...

AND, it's a captive market: there's 60 MILLION children

What happened?

Here's what went wrong: Parents & Teachers got involved in the design of the games. And, as soon as they did, kids could smell that shit from a mile away. "That's not fun, that's work"

In parallel, SimCity & Civilization have taught hundreds of millions of people the basic tenants of the human historical arc and how cities function and civics.

Completely unintentional
Gamification is fundamentally rewriting the rules of engagement for product design and marketing. From Foursquare to Farmville and from Nike to the Navy, game mechanics like points, badges, levels, challenges, rewards and leaderboards are being used in ever greater numbers. But what does this mean for "traditional" marketing & UI/UX and how do you leverage this trend in your engagement strategy? Moreover, how do we measure success, and why will every company have a Chief Engagement Officer in the next few years? Find out more in this in-depth discussion with Gamification Expert, Gabe Zichermann -- author of "Game-Based Marketing" and the blog, and Chair of the Gamification Summit.
GABE ZICHERMANN is an author, highly rated public speaker and serial entrepreneur. His most recent book, Game-Based Marketing (Wiley, 4/2010) has achieved critical and industry acclaim for its detailed look at innovators who blend the power of games with brand strategy. His next book on game mechanics is a detailed technical look at architecture and implementation. Gabe is also the Chair of the Gamification Workshops and Summit, upcoming events that bring together the leading minds in Gamification and Engagement Science - A resident of NYC, Gabe is a board member of, advisor to a number of startups and Facilitator for the NYC chapter of the Founder Institute.